Organic Moringa Leaf Powder


This green super-food is 100% natural and contains no preservatives. Containing over 95 nutrients, 46 antioxidants as well as anti-inflammatory compounds, Moringa (Moringa oleifera) is one of nature’s most nutritious foods ideal for helping our bodies maintain optimum health.

🌿Normalize Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure
🌿Strengthens Immune System
🌿Normalizes Cholesterol,
🌿Eliminates Constipation
🌿Glowing skin and Hair Growth
🌿Detoxify blood and colon
🌿Ikhuthaza ocansini
🌿Reduces Wrinkles and Aging
🌿Improves Mental Clarity
🌿Great Antioxidant
🌿Controls Appetite
🌿Improves wound healing


The Health Benefits of Moringa Powder

The moringa plant is a large tree that is considered miraculous among those who benefit from its health properties.  Unlike many other plants, the moringa tree is completely useful with everything from its leaves, flowers, pods, and seeds all being suitable and nutritious for human consumption.  Harvested from Limpopo, the tree’s popularity has helped it travel to areas such as Africa, Asia, and America.  If you’re interested in learning more about moringa and how it can help you achieve better health, keep reading.  Listed below are ten of the greatest health benefits of the moringa plant. 

#1. Moringa Wards off Exhaustion. 

Psychiatrists in the United Kingdom conducted a survey about tiredness and fatigue, and the results were disturbing – approximately one out of every five people feels exhausted, and one in ten people battle fatigue at any given time. Problems like tiredness and fatigue make it difficult for people to succeed at work, accomplish tasks, and keep up with relationships.  Moringa helps by supplying a healthy serving of iron and vitamin A, providing a good fight against unwanted exhaustion.  Iron is a great asset in the battle against tiredness, while vitamin A makes it possible for iron to be properly metabolized.  When you choose to add Moringa to your diet, you can seek to cut out dangerous uppers such as sugary soft drinks, teas, and coffee which can actually cause anxiety when taken in high doses.    

#2. Moringa Gives Your Skin a Healthy Glow. 

If you battle wrinkling, dry, dull, or blemish-covered skin, moringa may provide the vitamins, you need to transform your appearance completely.   Moringa contains vitamin A which helps to heal skin and give it a radiant, glowing appearance.  If you’re worried about age lines, moringa also provides a healthy dose of vitamin E which helps prevent oxidative stress from damaging skin cells.   Moringa is rich in antioxidants with levels that are unmatchable by almost any other food or plant.  While antioxidants have a wide variety of health benefits, they are vital in the fight to keep skin looking young and healthy.  Through the use of moringa, you can look forward to skin that is smooth, soft, and blemish-free.   

#3. Moringa Keeps the Doctor Away. 

You’ve heard the old saying that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” – well, move over apples because a new health food is in town.  Moringa is full of fantastic immune-boosting properties such as iron and vitamin A.  These properties help to keep the immune system in fantastic shape and make it healthy enough to fight off potential diseases ranging from common colds to serious illnesses and infections.

#4. Kiss Stress Goodbye with Moringa. 

Stress is so common that we often start to wonder if it’s possible to live without it.  Research done by the Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacodynamics revealed that it is possible to kiss stress goodbye and that moringa leaves may plan a vital role in the process.  Moringa contains important adaptogens that naturally block stress from affecting the human body.  Not only do the adaptogens contained in moringa leaves give stress a kick in the butt, but they are also known for helping to improve attention and provide new energy for those battling exhaustion.  While we often turn to caffeinated beverages for a similar pick-up, moringa gives you the same results with no dangerous side-effects and tons of additional benefits. 

#5. Moringa Gets Those Muscles Growing. 

Have you ever tried working out and going to the gym, but discovered that your quest for that perfect, ripped body seemed impossible to attain?  If so, your workout routine might not be the problem – you may just need some more moringa in your diet.  To build muscles or even maintain your existing muscles, your body needs a good dose of protein – on its own, your body can’t produce protein, so it needs you to supply it with this important muscle-building supplement.  Moringa leaves are almost made up of one-fourth protein, giving them the opportunity to truly impact your muscle mass.  Moringa is especially popular among vegans and vegetarians who cannot receive protein through meat-based foods. 

#6. Moringa puts Up a Fight Against Diabetes.

Diabetes is a serious condition that affects many people in America.  While diabetes treatment can seem unhelpful at best, moringa is a natural way to combat the disease by decreasing levels of blood glucose.

The University of Eastern Finland recently discovered that replacing some meat protein with Moringa and other plant-based proteins can reduce the chances of one developing type 2 diabetes by almost 20%.

#7. Moringa Provides Strong, Healthy Bones. 

Breaks or fractures to bones can put a serious strain on one’s life – especially those who already battle illness or are elderly.  The moringa plant helps to keep bones healthy by providing vitamin K, protein, and calcium.  So, the next time you plan to make a smoothie don’t forget to add a healthy supply of moringa leaves to the mix as well

#8.  Get a Boost of Energy from Moringa. 

Not only does moringa powder help to ward off stress and tiredness, but it also has the potential to give consumers a boost of energy.  The energy boost from moringa is gained through the iron and calcium included in the plant, which both help your metabolism provide a supply of natural energy.  Since moringa provides natural energy, you can enjoy the boost without worry of a sudden crash like those associated with caffeine. 

#9.  Moringa Keeps Your Vision Clear. 

While we are rarely as thankful as we should be for our vision, having good eyesight is an important part of daily life.  From being able to see to read a book, drive a car, or appreciate the sweet faces of loved ones, vision makes a huge difference in one’s life.  Nutrition plays an important role in vision and, thanks to the great source of vitamin A in moringa, it is the perfect plant to help maintain normal eyesight. 

#10.  Moringa Improves the Digestive System. 

Many people battle with digestive problems that lead to constipation, stomach pain, and the need for laxatives.  Moringa helps to regulate the digestive system by providing a rich supply of calcium that will keep digestive enzymes functioning normally.  Also, moringa has a good supply of fiber which can get the digestive tract back in order and keep bowels moving properly.  Getting your digestive system under control can also reduce your appetite, help you lose weight, and assist you in maintaining a healthy metabolism. 

These are only a few of the many benefits of the moringa tree.  These plants are truly remarkable containing 25% plant protein, the nine essential amino acids, 24% fiber, vitamin K, vitamin E, vitamin A, calcium, iron, and antioxidants.   With such a wide selection of beneficial vitamins and minerals, it’s no wonder moringa is considered one of the healthiest plants on the market!

What Does It Taste Like?

When something is this good for you, it’s hard to imagine that it would taste at all pleasant; however, Sunfood  Moringa Powder offers a fantastic surprise!  Moringa leaves are known for being delicious and presenting an earthy, spinach-like taste that makes consumers want to eat more. Those who are familiar with matcha green tea also claim that the taste of moringa is similar.  Rather than being something to avoid, moringa is a good-for-you plant that may have you craving more and more! 

How Do People Use Moringa Powder? 

With its delicious flavor, many people love to add moringa to their meals and drinks.  Most people opt to mix in moringa powder to their morning or post-workout smoothie. 

How is Moringa Powder Better than Synthetic Supplements? 

While the benefits of moringa definitely seem appealing, some people feel that it is better to turn to synthetic supplements and vitamins for their health needs.  While synthetic products may be better than taking nothing, they are no match for the natural benefits of moringa powder.  Because moringa powder provides the nutrients naturally, they are more easily absorbed into one’s body, making it possible to enjoy the greatest selection of health benefits.  Forget ordering capsules that will be hard for your system to absorb – instead, incorporate them naturally through the use of moringa. 

If you want to experience the greatest health benefits available, you should start implementing the moringa plant into your diet.  With its wide selection of proteins, vitamins, and minerals, moringa provides a full-body boost that will keep you healthy from the inside out!


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