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7 Step Guide to Transition to Natural Hair

Natural hair transition

The transition to natural hair is a journey that is completely unique to each person. It involves going natural from relaxed or chemically treated hair and should include a few essential steps to transition to natural hair encourage successful results. Whether you’re just starting your journey or 2 years in, it can always be helpful to tweak your processes and techniques to improve your experience.

Step One: Start with A Good Trim

If you don’t want to do the big chop, then work to gradually trim your ends. Once you decide to transition to natural hair, I recommend scheduling one major trim to get your started. After that, set up a schedule of how often you want to get these trims. I suggest once a month, but some Naturalista’s trim every time they shampoo, once every three months, etc. Do what YOU prefer. It’s YOUR hair – YOUR choice- YOUR journey.


Step Two: Stop Using Direct Heat

As you make the transition to natural hair, your hair tends to be in a more sensitive and weakened state. As a result, it is best to give up all direct forms of heat. In addition to the irreversible damage that heat styling can cause throughout this transition, heat also alters your natural curl pattern. So, put away the heat styling tools and focus on embracing your natural hair. Learning all about your true curl pattern, hair type, and porosity will save you tons of headache throughout this transition to natural hair.


Step Three: Put Together a Natural Hair Kit

Don’t go out and buy a billion products, start basic (a shampoo, conditioner and hair growth oil) and do research. I recommend putting together a natural hair kit that has all of the following essentials.

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