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The Correct Facial Routine For Everyone

correct facial routine

Are you one of those peoplewith a dressing table, toiletry bag, beauty bag or a toilet cabinet full ofdifferent facial products? Some of them you only used for a week, a month orsix days and nothing improved. Some of them you just got a small portion fromone of your friends or colleagues to try on and the results were more thandemotivating. Some of them you just bought because you envied the facial skinof one of the advertisers.

We all have been there and atthe end we find ourselves haunted with so many bottles of facial creams andfacial wash staring at us every time we decide to try another new product.Facial skin problems differ from person to person. Some have oily skins, somesuffer from dry skins, some are always facing pimple problems while others arestruggling with acne. To some people its more than one skin problem. It can beso frustrating to keep on trying different products and seeing no change. Thisresults in waste of money, time and even in the loss of self-esteem andself-confidence. No matter what kind of facial skin battle you facing in yourlife, nothing beats a correct facial routine.

At Black African Organics, webelieve that no facial skin problem can ever be stubborn to a correct facialroutine. A correct facial routine means having the right products and usingthem at the right time. Always keep these products to develop your own CorrectFacial Routine;

+ Cleanser- always have acleanser among your facial products. This usually works best with a splash ofwarm water early in the morning and late at night before bed time. It removesall the dirt, oil, dead skin cells, bacteria etc. It takes off all the unwantedstuff from your facial skin.

+ Toner- this is the bestproduct that returns the skin`s pH after being exposed to harsh conditions, soaps etc. The cleanser cannot do without a toner.

+ Serum- There is need forthis product to stimulate facial cell growth and it allows the growth of newcells to surface, thus brightening your skin.

+ Eye cream- A lot of peoplealways think that the eye cream is not necessary, and one can always go withoutit. This is an incorrect myth. The eye cream is very important because itimproves the eyelid skin elasticity and prevent those fine lines. No one wantsto look much older than their real age because of eye bags and small eyewrinkles.

+ Moisturizer- This is a“must have” no matter what skin type you have. This product works best whenapplied whilst the skin is still damp. As soon as you are done with your serum,lock in all the hydration back into your skin with the moisturizer.

+ Sun-screen – We all lovesummers, but sometimes we tend to dread the sun because of the damage it mightimpose on our skin. Nothing can ever go wrong when you have a sun-screen. Youcan apply your sun-screen after your moisturizer to protect your facial skinfrom the UV rays.

It is high time we stopwasting money in trying different facial products without reaching any desiredgoal. The facial skin says a lot about your age, health and hygiene. It mustalways look clean, well hydrated and glowing. Do your facial skin a favour anddevelop your own correct facial routine. If you don’t know where to start,visit our online shop at and giveyour facial skin a treat. We have a variety of natural organic products to suitany skin type. You can never go wrong with natural and organic products.

Restore back your facial skinconfidence, glow and continue falling in love with your summers.7

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